Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vibrant Witness, Who, Me?

Next Sunday we are starting a new class at our Church School. It is called "Vibrant Witness, Who, Me?" It looks like good material...some that will cause each of us to reflect on just what we are each doing to help develop the kingdom of God on earth or in other words communities of joy, hope, love and peace. Lord only knows in this turbulent world of ours, we certainly need such communities. That is the mission of our church.

I have always found it hard to talk about my church and my beliefs. I find it much easier to be involved in community work myself. But I realize that alone will not make disciples for the mission Jesus spoke about while he was alive on the earth.

The closest I have come is inviting my friends to attend the various colloquies, conferences, retreats, reunions, historical associations, and symposiums. I have two friends who attend because I have invited them but I have yet to invite them to be baptized. Somehow baptism doesn't seem near as important as participation in the various church activities and participation in the community. That's how I feel we make an impact in our world in today's world.

I have seven friends who are going to attend the World Church's Peace Colloquy with me this October in Independence, Missouri. That's an important step because we recognize and reward folks in the world who are making a significant impact on the quality of life in our world. It's kind of like our own rendition of the Nobel Peace Prize.

I participate quite a lot in my community but I don't know that I make much of an impact. I am secretary/treasurer of the Coffeyville Ministerial Alliance and a member of the Independence Ministerial Association and attend regularly. That's certainly not much of an impact. I am also able to write a Minister's Message for the newspaper on a rotating basis. And I write an editorial for another newspaper from time to time. That gets my religious philosophy out there but it has never inspired anyone to work for the building of God's kingdom.

Bob and I also attend a semi weekly class called "Living the Questions". It helps us to think seriously about our beliefs and discipleship. It is also quality fellowship.

This study of "Vibrant Witness, Who, Me?" may do me a lot of good. It may inspire me to do more toward inviting folks to come participate with us in community service projects. That may lead to their joining with us in time. I'm just not too sure mere membership in an organization is all that important.

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