Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday At Home

This has been a rather quiet Sunday. Bob and I picked up Gerry for church this morning and then after an excellent sermon by Karan, Bob and I went out for lunch at Sirloin Stockade. Phyllis F. took Gerry home. We had this "printed off the computer" coupon that Bob received. It was a "buy one buffet and two drinks and get the second buffet for .99". A heck of a deal! Furthermore, the food was very good.

I spent the afternoon doing my letters. We had 22 at church today. Eight were not there. We have a tiny congregation...more like a family then a congregation.

I worked on the church's web page and got it up to date. Then I sent out the material to the newspaper for Friday's church page.

Tonight we have "Living the Questions" as soon as "Sixty Minutes" is over. It will be held at Keith and Joyce's home.

Scott e-mailed me this photo his new girl friend took of him. He looks very happy. He called before church this morning and told me how wonderful his weekend was. That's great! Maybe I can quit worrying about him now and concentrate on our son, Keith, who is in an even worse position then Scott was suffering earlier on. I try not to worry about my kids because I can do absolutely nothing about their lives to help them. I just pray for them every single day.


ChuckFu said...

Ahh mom, don't worry, it an attitude and going to church on Sundays and Wednesday night meetings helps and gets me outa the house

Margie's Musings said...

That's right, Keith, but still it's got to be a horrible mess. I can't help but be concerned.