Sunday, December 20, 2009

Children's Christmas Service

The children's Christmas service was a big success. It was great fun! I got up early, as usual and baked my coffeecake for the light breakfast. It always goes over well. I will bake another small one for Juanita for Christmas when we go to breakfast on Wednesday. Then my baking is done until Thursday when I bake the two pies for Christmas dinner on Friday.

Tomorrow I will clean, Tuesday, go to my sister's house as usual and then perhaps take Leslie to lunch. Wednesday, I will get my hair done and eat breakfast with Juanita.

Thursday, I will fix our salad and bake my pies. Friday we will go out to Leslie and John's for Christmas. Other then that, it should be a quiet week. We may get some snow on Wednesday.

For now, we go out to Leslie's for her cookie exchange. That will be interesting.

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