Monday, January 4, 2010

Totally Sick of Snow

I don't know when I've been so tired of snow. We're had snow since the day before Christmas and we're forecast for another week of it.

Bob and I got out this morning and went to the market. We were out of many of the necessities....milk, bread and eggs. Also,the pets were out of food. So, we braved the elements and went shopping. Also, I sold another book on Amazon. I got that in the mail while I was out there. Cyndi called this morning and said a bearing and the entire package had gone out on Jeff's four wheel drive. She was able to get it right in this morning so Bob and I picked her up and took her home. She called a little bit ago and said they would have it finished by this afternoon. The parts alone were $700. Lord only knows what the labor will be.

I will go pick her up when she calls and tells me it's ready.

Scott called this morning. He's pretty distressed that his girl friend is not ready to get married. The woman has horses, a farm, a business and an ailing father. Of course she's not ready to get married. I tried to tell him that when she hooked up with him before Thanksgiving. Many women are not prepared to get married anymore...especially after only two months. One as needy as Scott would drive me insane. With all the women he's dated, none have wanted to be married.

We heard from Keith last night. He has found an apartment and is moving Thursday. We are so happy about that.

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