Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Lunch

Today we will meet Tony and Gay in Cherryvale for lunch. It's been awhile since we've met them. We used to meet once a month but both couples have been so busy that has been impossible. I hope the new restaurant is nice and the food is good. We used to like to go to Just Us but they starting closing during the lunch hour.

I will do some cleaning today while Slinky can be outside. Yesterday was over 50 degrees and he spent the day outside. He loves that. About three o'clock, though, he wanted to come in. I ignored his barking. We were having Jeromy here for dinner and I did not want to have to walk around Slinky while I was cooking. He also wants to beg food from us while we're eating. After Jeromy left, I let him in and fed him. Then he did not want to go back outside to potty. He was afraid he would have to stay out. Sometime around 10:30, he had to go so he woke me up and I let him out. Then he woke me again at 4:30 and I let him out again. He is in now but refuses to eat his dog food this morning. Stubborn cuss!

Today is my sister's 77th birthday. I took her gift and card to her yesterday. We got two shampoo and sets for her. We wanted to encourage her to keep her hair nice. My brother-in-law asked me not to bake her a cake. He said he had just got her glucose down after a long time of it being high. I hope she has a nice birthday. He is going to take her out to eat and he bought her some sugar free candy. She loves candy.

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