Friday, September 10, 2010

Different Friday

Today will be different. This morning after I feed the animals and take the dog for his walk, I will hit a few garage sales. Perhaps I can refurbish my shelves at the antique mall.

Then at noon, I will have lunch with Adam. He is the young pastor of the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal church here and in Parsons. At IMA Wednesday, he invited me. We will meet at noon at the Tavern on the Plaza.

Then this afternoon, I will go to see Gerry. She has to have that procedure redone where they inject some sort of cement into a disk in her spine. She had it done two weeks ago but it was not successful.

I need to get another sympathy card too. The sister of Isabell died yesterday morning. Isabell is a member of our congregation.

This evening, Scott will be coming for the weekend. We will also eat at the Tavern unless we decide to go to Bartlesville tomorrow. We may drop by John and Leslie's home and check on the progress of the ground work on Jeromy and Marlene's home.

Then Sunday, I will speak at Webb City. He will be gone back home by then.

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