Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tired Tuesday

I don't know why I am so tried. I didn't do a whole lot yesterday except mow and trim and work at the computer. Last night Missy woke me up at midnight and wanted out. After I let her out, I could not easily get back to sleep. Therefore I am wiped out this morning.

I fed the animals and took Slinky for his walk. We were almost home and I realized I had lost my cell phone. I backtracked and at the second corner (where Slinky had done his duty) the sheriff's deputy who lived there came out with it. He had found it in his yard. I evidently dropped it off my pocket when I cleaned up Slinky's mess. I was so glad to get it back.

I had my coffee but I am off my oats this morning. My lower stomach cramped the rest of the night after I let Missy out. I had intended to clean house this morning but I may not do anything now but rest. I did want to go out to Windsor to see my sister at 10:00 but will wait now until Thursday. I hope I am not contagious. I last saw her last Thursday before Elnora came.

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