Friday, January 28, 2011

Cold Dog

It was 60 degrees at bedtime last night and Slinky wanted to stay outside so I put one of his beds on the patio and went on to bed early. I was very tired. I did take him for a walk yesterday and he loved that. If it's nice again today, I'll take him again. But it got down to 27 in the middle of the night and I got worried about him and got up about 3:00AM and went out and woke him and brought him into the kitchen. I was afraid he would get his death of pneumonia. He woke me at 5:00 again and I got up, as usual. He had stayed out all day.

I want to go see Phyllis again today. Tuesdays and Fridays are my regular days. Tuesday she was very unresponsive and just wanted to sleep so I had a very short visit. I also want to see Gerry while I'm out.

I don't have anything much on the agenda today. I cleaned and mopped my kitchen floor while Slinky was out yesterday. It won't have done any good since he will be back in again for the next week. We are forecast for some more very cold weather and even some more snow next week on Monday. I will wait to see. We have missed the last two snow forecasts. My appointment with the eye doctor in Wichita is Wednesday at 11:30. I will not go if the weather turns bad again. Too bad they couldn't have given me an appointment this week.

Then I have ministerial alliance on Thursday next week. I sent out the agenda yesterday. I have only one reservation for lunch now. They usually wait until the last minute.

Sunday evening Living the Questions group is at Jack and Marilyn's home. We will have dinner beforehand. They are having hamburgers. I will take cheese and summer sausage and a tray of that kind.

More later...

I did get to see both Phyllis and Gerry today. I also took Slinky for a walk. He was so delighted. Later I went to get a hamburger for lunch at Braums.

SER SCSEP, an agency that tries to find part time work for low income seniors, called today and I will meet with Amy, the director, at 9:00 on Thursday at the library for an interview. She probably doesn't have a job for me yet but she will at least see if I qualify.


Anonymous said...

If this weather doesn't let up soon we are all going to be batty by spring. I was in Walmart today and bought about 15 packages of seeds. It made me feel good just to see them out already. Your cheese tray sounds good. I love cheese. Have a good weekend.

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Judy..and thanks for visiting my blog.

I too am really ready for spring.