Friday, January 14, 2011

A Fun Friday

This should be a fun Friday. My friend, Gay, whom I have known since she was 14 and I was 17, and I are going to meet halfway between her town and mine and have lunch at a Pizza Hut there. We meet about once a month for lunch and catch up on our news.

Slinky will probably be outside since this morning at 6:30, it is already 30 degrees outside. If it doesn't warm up enough, he can stay in the garage for a couple of hours. It stays about 40 degrees out there thanks to the heat lamp and the hot water tank. But he hates the garage. He loves it outside when the sun is shining. He and I have that in common.

Yesterday, I read most of the day and finished my second book on Kindle. I am back working on the Autobiography of Mark Twain now. It is dull. But I paid $9.76 for it and so I will plow though it.

I also have about six or eight hard cover books to read. This winter should be productive for that.

All three of my kids have checked in with me now. Leslie called yesterday around noon, Keith called yesterday afternoon after he got out of the doctor's office. He has developed a tennis elbow and some arthritis in his leg. She has put him on some meds.

Scott called a little bit ago. His girlfriend had been visiting him the past three weeks (over the holidays) and they had a wonderful time together. She went back to Missouri this morning. He is fighting depression over this. I reminded him that during his past four deployments, when he was married, his wife never wrote him, never sent him a package and never even e-mailed him. He was always alone but he made the best of it. That's what he needs to do now. He is in Europe and this is a great time for him to see Europe. He has a four day weekend to start doing that. I hope he will take my advice this time.

I received some of his DVD's yesterday afternoon and will get them in the mail to him this morning. It should take a week for him to receive them.

More later...

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