Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Snow Day

Well, it snowed again last night and it continues to snow. Slinky really doesn't want to go out in the snow to do his duty but I made him go out a little bit ago. We are both so bored with staying in the house. I stripped my bed awhile ago and washed the sheets. I had washed the towels yesterday. The house needs cleaning and so after I get my face made up, I will do some cleaning today while I can't get out.

If it stops snowing, I may do some shoveling on my drive and front walk. No since doing it too early and having it cover up all over again.

We could have made the second day of Minister's Week in Tulsa but of course we didn't know that yesterday morning. We were under a weather alert. It didn't start snowing until late evening. I would have hated driving Marilyn's new car on slick roads so we just didn't go. In fact, after I got my haircut and hair done at noon yesterday, I didn't budge out of the house the rest of the day.

This afternoon, the Cox Communications people are coming to bring my converter box and install it. They are offering six free months of even further expanded TV channels. I told them there was really nothing much that I liked to watch on cable any more but they insisted that I could cancel at any time if I couldn't find anything on the extended service. We will see.

More later...

I did clean house and the place fairly shines.

And I did go shovel off my snow and while I was at it, I shoveled of the patio too.

Then my daughter called to come by and pick me up for lunch. She was working in my town today.

After lunch, Cox Communications came and brought my converter box. Now I have a lot more channels to watch. I have six months free of charge. I wonder if I will find anything to watch now. If all else fails, I can watch an On Demand movie for $5.00.

It warmed up enough for Slinky to go out on the patio. He really loves to bask in the sun.

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