Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another Chilly Thursday

I wish spring would finally arrive. It rained yesterday morning so the ground is wet today. I would love to see some sunshine. I also would love to find some hanging baskets that I could afford. Maybe I will in May. I also need to get some more bedding plants. I'll not get as many this year. If I get to go to church camp, I don't want to make watering my plants a big deal for one of my friends.

My supervisor asked me to begin coming in at 8:30 next week. She doesn't get in until 8:15 and I am always there waiting for her to come up with some work for me to do. The director is on vacation this week so she has nothing for me to do. Most of yesterday, I had nothing to do. I don't really like those kinds of days where I am just sitting around waiting for something to happen.

I didn't see the roofer on Wednesday...maybe because of the morning rain. He still has my corrugated fiberglass patio cover and the swing set to do. I have the money for the job in the bank now but do not want to pay him until it is completely finished.

I wonder how the puppy did last night. I am sure she missed her brother and sister and mom. I wonder if she whimpered all night. I hope this turns out alright. I gave John another puppy some years back and that did not turn out well. Maybe I should stop meddling.

Well, I called Leslie this morning to inquire about the puppy. It seems she curled up in John's coat and went sound asleep and slept all night. Leslie fixed her some breakfast this morning and they left her in the garage when they left for work. That's where they had her bed, water dish and food dish.


clairz said...

I'm so pleased to read the update on the pup's first night at his new home. He must be a cutie!

Margie's Musings said...

She is darling!

clairz said...

Oops, I meant her first night at her first home.