Thursday, May 26, 2011

Unsettled Weather Thursday

This photo is the eave of my house after Jeff repaired it and painted it.

This will probably be another slow day at work. Heather is gone on vacation and Sandra just doesn't have enough work to keep me busy.

If it doesn't rain, Jeff will be back today to work on the soffits. He has them all painted and in my garage so if it does rain, they won't get wet. I have parked my car in the carport off the alley.

I called the roofer last night to see if he could tell me when he was going to do the roof over the patio. It has been three months now since the hailstorm and they have too much work to do here in town to get back to my little job. Keith W. says he will be bringing my swing back today. He has it painted. I want to paint the framework for my patio cover and I don't want to do it in July. June will be hot enough. But I want the roof on it before I do that. Then I want to wash and clean off the patio and re-paint it with that gritty cement paint. I will have to stake Slinky out in the yard when I do that. And I will have to put Missy in the house and Inky in the garage. Otherwise they will get into the wet paint.

I also want to re-paint the green trim on the front of my house. It looks pretty grubby.

I talked to my brother-in-law last night. His older daughter from Wisconsin is coming this weekend to see her mother in the Alzheimer's unit at the nursing home. She is going to be so shocked.

I am going over to Caney on Saturday for Mayfest if it doesn't rain and I asked him if he wanted to go too. His daughter will be meeting some friends over there that day so he will be free. So he was interested in going.

Next Wednesday, I am going to meet Myra H. in Bartlesville to have lunch. She contacted me yesterday. She lost her Bob shortly after I lost my Bob last year. I have only seen her once since then. She is an old friend from fifty years ago.

More later...

Jeff and Richard came today and are working to get my house finished. It is a sunshiny day.

They didn't quite get finished. Jeff still has to paint two coats on the soffit in front and a second coat on the back and then scrape the east side of the patio framework for me. I also asked to be put on his list for exhaust fans in the bathrooms. That may be awhile and it depends on how much money I have left after he charges me for this last work on the soffits.

Keith W. brought my swing over this afternoon. It looks very nice. he tightened eberything up for me. Then I got my mowing andf trimming done.

I have an appointment for a job interview tomorrow at 3:00. I've already interviewed for this same job two years ago. I didn't get it then and I don't expect I'll get it this time either. It's a library aide at our library.

Leslie called this evening and asked me if I wanted to run down to Bartlesville with her to get new chains for John's chain saws. John and his crew went to Joplin to work on clearing the tornado damage. I went with her and we ate at Mazzio's and took some home for John. He will be going back tomorrow.

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