Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Again

We had a huge storm all around us last night. All we got out of it was some wind and rain though. I sat up and saw it through before I took my bath and went to bed. Keith and Leslie both called to check on me. I slept really well last night.

I will work today although I doubt there is anything much for me to do. There was not much yesterday and Heather will be gone today so I will work with Sandra. She doesn't have anything planned for me to do. I really dislike just sitting around.

I have a hair appointment for color and cut in Independence at 1:45 this afternoon.

If it doesn't rain, Jeff will come back and work on my soffits today. He could have worked yesterday but they thought it might storm so he worked inside for Richard instead.

Nothing much going on in my life until Saturday when I will go over to Caney for Mayfest. That's usually fun and I see a lot of people I know there.

Today would have been Bob's 81st birthday if he had lived.

More later...

Jeff did come today. When I got back from Independence, he was here. He took down all of the soffits on the south side. The further he went the more problems he found. Lots of rot and debris up there. The people who insulated the attic put the insulation completely to the edge of the roof backing up to the soffits and cut off the flow of the air that is supposed to get to the vents to ventilate the attic. No wonder it's so hot up there. There is very little ventilation. He is fixing that too.

He has the new soffits cut and primed and one coat of paint on them now. He is digging the old grout out of the area where the soffits go in and shoving the insulation back away from the edges of the house now. He may have to finish tomorrow.


ChuckFu said...

love you mom and thinking of you and dad both, in our prayers too

Balisha said...

Special thoughts go out to you today...Balisha

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Keith and Balisha.

It's been different.

Love you too, Keith.