Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Tuesday

This is the day for my SEK SCEP evaluation. It will be interesting to see what Aime has to say. My evaluation is two and a half months early. I also want to ask her why I have to do a monthly job search when no one else in the program has to do that. I have run out of businesses to visit. This is a small community.

Keith finally called last night to say he and Esther were in California to check in at Marsh Air Force Base. He got in in the very early hours on Sunday. They will be there for two weeks...although he hopes he will be able to be out of there before Thanksgiving. They want to have Thanksgiving with her family in Phoenix.

Then later in the evening, Scott called and talked for 120 minutes. We had a really good visit. Becky will be there next Tuesday. This is the trip she has paid for herself. She will stay eleven days and be there for Thanksgiving and his birthday too. My birthday is three days later on December 2nd. I'd just as soon forget it.

I've been discussing with my classmates the possibility of getting together in Branson in 2013 for our 60th reunion. Some would rather meet in Coffeyville. Some have suggested Tulsa. If they don't want to meet in Branson, we should probably just meet here in Coffeyville. We could meet on a Friday evening for dinner and then gather somewhere for a get together to visit the next day. Then the classmates could see the town if they wish. Unfortunately the town has really become run down since we graduated in 1953. They are working on fixing it up but it didn't get run down overnight and they won't be able to get it fixed up overnight either. A lot of the problem is an almost empty downtown and some of the problem is folks who are not keeping their property properly painted and cleaned up. Many of the citizens are elderly and poor. If they can't fix up their property themselves and don't have the money to pay someone to do it, it just gets run down.

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