Thursday, December 22, 2011

Friends Again

After Slinky chased Missy off his bed Tuesday, she was afraid of him. She had been just showing herself anyhow. Good natured Slinky had tolerated her crowding him on his own bed but Tuesday was just too much. She hissed and spit at him and he came unglued and growled and barked at her as he chased her off HIS bed.

Today, he is his old good natured self. She very gingerly approached him about space on his bed and he gently moved over a bit to allow her some. No problem. I hope it will be awhile before she gets nasty with him again.

Yesterday after work I went to Independence to get my hair done. Today I will go with Leslie to Bartlesville while she shops for some special groceries for her Christmas dinner. It's always a special treat to get to go with her anywhere...and anymore, with her demanding job, the opportunities are few and far between.

I called her yesterday at her lunch time in hopes of getting to have lunch with her but they were swamped and she was eating at her desk. So I went to the Railroad Inn by myself and read my kindle while I ate my lunch. It was a beautiful day. I wonder how many more beautiful days we will have before winter sets in. Yesterday was the first day of winter. Brrr.

By the way, Bob and I set four mouse traps at church. The first day we caught no mice but they got the bait anyhow. We reset them. Yesterday I stopped and we had caught two mice. I left the other traps set. We may have even more. When Karan and Leslie brought in the Christmas decorations from the shed, they also brought in some mice. I hope those two were all but I will continue to set those traps until I'm sure of that. I want them to leave the decorations in the unused classroom this year. Mice are really nasty and we had not had a problem until this year.


Sylvia K said...

Wishing you a beautiful, Merry Christmas, Margie! Hope the coming year brings all the good and beautiful things into your life!


Margie's Musings said...

And the same to you, Sylvia. We had a little snow today on the way home from Bartlesville.