Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Wonderful Classmates!

I am part of the class of the Field Kindley Memorial High School class of 1953, a most generous group of people. Right after graduation, one of our classmates named Dean started a newsletter and sent it to everyone in the the time 283 of us. He kept it up for ten years and then a woman named Norma took it over from him for several years. Later another woman named Shirley took it over for some years. In the late 1900's, they asked me to take it because I was computer literate. I have done it ever since.

For many years they each sent me a Christmas card with their news. Nowadays the 83 who have computers and are online send me e-mails with their news. Everyone notifies me of changes of address and e-mails and always send me their news. I have one classmate man who watches the obits with me and then I notify the ones online of our losses. Those who are not online will learn of our losses when they get the newsletter. Every Christmastime, right after Christmas, I send out 188 newsletters and this year 105 will go by snail mail and 83 by e-mail. Of the original class, 95 are already deceased.

Where does the money come from? I let the classmates know we need the money and the money rolls in. We have several who are wealthy or well to do and they evidently think nothing of sending the needed money. It was Dean and Donna this time. If they send more then we need, I will give it to the class treasurer for the next class reunion. Every five years anymore we have a reunion. Those of us who live in the hometown (at least a dozen or so of us, at least) plan the reunion, a get together, a banquet and some special events.

This time the treasurer sent me word that we did not have the money for the newsletter. She suggested I send it out by e-mail only. That meant 105 classmates would not get the news. I mentioned that to the classmates and I have $300 coming right away. I will send out 83 by e-mail but the 105 without e-mail will get one too. Thanks to the generousity of those classmates.

Isn't that wonderful?

What a lovely Christmas gift for the class.

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