Monday, December 26, 2011


Today Bob A. and I went to Bartlesville and walked around the mall. Afterward we went to Dink's and had the best Bar B Q around here. Then we went to the Bartlesville Wal mart and bought a few groceries. All I needed was oatmeal. It has been around 50 degrees all day.

We stopped by the church on the way home. When the Worship Committee brought in the Christmas decorations from the sheds in December, they also unknowingly brought in mice. I have caught two but twice my traps have been emptied and no mice have been caught. This time we loaded them with peanut butter. I will check back later in the week and see if we caught any more. I want the committee to leave those decorations in the Junior classroom instead of taking them to the sheds. Those that are in plastic covered boxes can be stored in the sheds. What a mess this has been.

I am thinking of taking down my Christmas decorations this afternoon. Christmas is over. I will store them in my banker's boxes so they can be stacked.

I did take down my Christmas decorations and get them put away. Now I am ready for the New Year.

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