Saturday, March 31, 2012

Busy Saturday Too

I had breakfast with my brother-in-law this morning and then afterward I went by the hardware store and bought some green spray paint for my little patio table. I spray painted it and later put it out on the patio. The patio looks pretty nice now. I'll be glad when I can pressure wash it and paint it with cream colored cement paint later on this spring. I'll do my front walk too.

He then came by at noon and we went out to the church with his hedge trimmer and yard cart. He trimmed the hedge and I picked up the trimmings and carted them back to the draw in the back of the church and emptied them there. It only took us an hour and it looks so much better.

After I rest awhile, I want to go out to Wal Mart and look at their flowers and hanging pots. If they have any in good shape, I may buy some. I want three to go out on the patio and three in the front of my house. Then I have a flowerbed that I always put geraniums and asparagus in and I want some perennials out by the curb. I also buy some small plants to put next to my driveway. I always like the house to look colorful! If Wal Mart doesn't have some nice ones, I'll go to Hanes Nursery.

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