Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Very Hot Saturday

It's supposed to be 101 degrees today...somewhat cooler if you can call over 100 degrees cooler. It was 104 yesterday. Ghastly hot. This morning at 7:00 I will go to Eggberts to have breakfast with Bob. We had such a good lunch with Tony and Gay yesterday and a good time. Bob is doing pretty well. We were talking about Phyllis and her Alzheimer's Disease yesterday with Tony and Gay and he changed the subject abruptly and I realized it was way too painful for him to discuss Phyllis and her disease this early. It's only been a couple of days past two weeks since he lost her. Tony and Gay were very perceptive and changed the subject immediately. They are such good people.

I don't know what I will do today. It's way too hot to get out in the yard. I do wish we had some rain. Tony said they had three quarters of an inch Thursday and he sat out on the porch and enjoyed it. I could do some cleaning, I guess, but the house looks fine. I really need to do some deep cleaning and toss out a bunch of stuff but I can't get motivated.

The news last night was all about the disaster in Colorado and the deaths of those 12 people in that movie theater. At this point his motivation is unknown. Last I heard they were unable to get into his apartment because it was wired with a bomb.

Keith called last night and was not too happy that Scott and Becky were not going to come see me this time. Scott said he would be coming back for a month before he goes to Hawaii and he would be able to see plenty of me then. That's fine. I can live with that. He really needs to patch up his relationship with Becky if he's going to eventually marry her. He has been overly concerned with her past sin but I reminded him that we all have sin we regret and he is no exception. I believe in forgiveness if only to allow ourselves to heal. Holding a grudge is counterproductive to our own physical and mental health.

Bob and I both cleaned out one of our closets and took clothing down to Goodwill in Bartlesville. It was painful for him because these were clothes Phyllis wore before she was in the nursing home.

We then went to the mall and walked around and then drove around Bartlesville and reminisced about the years both our families lived there and carpooled from Caney even later. We both like the little city but would not know a soul there nowadays. My Bob and I moved to Caney in 1969. They moved even earlier.

Amazingly, Scott called a couple of hours ago and said they were on their way home from Branson and were going to swing by the hour and ten minutes out of their way and visit with me. They came about 4:00 and stayed until 5:45. Then they left for Fort Scott. It was good to see them both. I enjoyed their visit and they will get back to Becky's before dark. They brought Becky's little dog, Winston. He is as cute as a little white shaggy dog can be. He lay quietly on the living room floor and napped while they were here.

It's a good thing they left when they did. I don't want them to encounter deer and they may do that at dusk. It's 104 degrees now. How much hotter can it get. I'm afraid to ask.

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