Thursday, September 13, 2012

Big Thursday Morning

This is already a big day. I left this morning at 6:15 for my hair appointment in Independence. When I left the shop, the yellow "gas needed" light came on. I drove all the way home and out to South Coffeyville with that light on but I made it. I filled my tank and then went by Gary's to pay my bill. It was almost $300. Between that and my dental bill of $224, I have really hit my savings this month already. Then I went by Bob's home to leave the money to pay the man who hauled away all my limbs from that windstorm yesterday. Then I came home and packed and started my laundry. I just have my makeup to pack in the morning. Everything else is in my bag.

While I was at it, I shifted some clothing from one closet to the other. It's a little early to put my fall/winter clothing in my main closet but at least I put away things that no longer fit.

In an hour I will warm up the hamburger pie from yesterday's dinner. We need to eat our leftovers before we leave in the morning. I am really looking forward to this trip. It's been awhile since we last went to Branson. We will go out to Silver Dollar City after we arrive there and then eat lunch at Olive Garden before we go to the Landing. Tomorrow evening we will go to a music/comedy show...the Presley's, I believe. The one we had planned to see does not have a Friday evening show. Maybe next time.

On the political scene, Romney really jumped the gun with his remarks. Before all the facts were in he sounded as if he were ready to go to war. Neo cons, bah humbug!

We are leaving at 6:00 or before in the morning. I will not be back online until Saturday night. We are forecast for rain but we don't really care. We will take a rain jacket and umbrellas.

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