Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Again

Bob called yesterday morning to say he needed a favor. He went out to get in his car to come over for lunch and noticed that he had a flat. I took my compressor over there and we aired up his tire. It was leaking from the valve stem so it didn't stay aired up. Tomorrow the Dollar Tire store will be open and he will drive up there and have it repaired. I left the air compressor there at his garage so he could air the tire up to get it there.

He came home with me and spent the afternoon and evening. I had the old film on DVD of "The Flight of the Phoenix" and we watched it last night and then I took him home.

This morning I picked him up for church. He generally drives. After church we ate with John and Leslie and Phyllis at El Pueblito. We had a good visit.

We had rain today and so we had a small congregation again. It got quite cold while we were in church.

This afternoon I will do my traditional letters and then pick Bob up for the Living the Questions group at Howard and Judy's tonight. He decided to attend rather then to stay home and twiddle his thumbs.

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