Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After Christmas

We had quite a Christmas yesterday. The food all turned out well and I had plenty of leftovers. I sent some of it home with John and Leslie along with the pumpkin pie. Bob and I kept the mince meat pie and had some last evening while we watched an old movie. The rest of the leftovers Bob and I will eat for lunch today.

I will work all day today to make up for some of the time I missed in not working over the holiday. I will be able to make up all my time missed over the New Year by working all day tomorrow too. I turn in my time sheet Thursday....tomorrow. Thursday goes on the next two weeks time and also the Wednesday after New Years Day. That should make up the eight hours I have missed each pay period. I really need the money. My home insurance and car insurance both come due in January. I will take that money out of my money market savings and then try to get it saved back in there before the second half of my taxes comes due in May. It's a juggling act. But if I'm lucky and stay healthy, I think I can work it out.

New Years Day I will take down my Christmas decorations and put them away for another year. This week on Friday, I want to get the class newsletter to the printer and get it sent out right after New Year's Day. I will have to print off the envelopes for 96 of them and then stuff the newsletters in the envelopes and stamp them. I will get the envelopes on Friday. Maybe I can get them addressed before New Years Day.

On a different note, Scott, my youngest, did call yesterday and we had a good visit. He leaves Thursday for California to visit his son and new daughter-in-law. He missed their wedding and regrets that. So all of my children called and visited with me and also my youngest granddaughter. I felt very good about that.

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