Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Last Saturday

This is the last Saturday I will spend in my house. I am still trying to look on the move as an adventure.

Leslie called me last night and told me not to try to do anything else in the garage or shed. She said John and Jeromy will put all that stuff in there in that cargo trailer and store it for the yard sale I will have in the spring. She said I should just concentrate on the house and let them take care of the garage and shed after they get that microwave up over the stove. She was afraid I was overdoing. She was probably right. I finally worked out that catch in my get-a-long yesterday and slept like a baby last night for the first time in weeks. I worked until 7:00 last night.

If at all possible, I will go to the dinner on Sunday evening at Bobby and Karan's house. It is the last harrah for Howard and Judy. They leave after that for California. I don't envy them their move. They will drive a you haul all the way to California over the mountains in snow and winter while towing a car. They too are in their seventies and they have never driven a truck like that especially while towing a car. It sounds like a nightmare to me. It makes my move seem simple.

I will meet Bob at 7:00 for breakfast and then put together some boxes here and get them labeled for Monday. We may go to Bartlesville to the mall if his valence came in at Penney's. I need to return one of my Roman blinds that was too small for the window. I need to reorder it too in the correct size. If I can't get that size, I will need to order something that will fit that den window. After helping Bill with the other blinds, I can put that one up by myself. I would like to have one of those hex screwdrivers. That was a lifesaver. You don't strip the screw head with those. I would also like to have a battery operated drill with screwdriver attachment. I may buy one. Bill's had a hex driver attachment too.

I would like the landlord to put up an "over the stool" cabinet in the bathroom. I don't have enough bathroom storage. After all, I am going from a bath and a half to just one bath.

More later..if I have time.


Balisha said...

hope you have time to put your "feets" up this weekend. You have done such a good job and the finish is in sight. You should be very proud of yourself.

Margie's Musings said...

I am sleeping much better since I am down to the line. Thank you, Balisha!