Sunday, June 16, 2013

Busy Sunday

I have been busy this morning. I did get a good night's sleep last night. I took two extra strength Tylenol before I went to bed. I have made baked beans this morning for our cookout dinner after church. I also made a coffee cake. I thought that might be something different for dessert with coffee.

I got my paper this morning and the Independence Reporter had a very nice article about the Juneteenth Celebration in it. It was complete with large photo. They interviewed Paul and he gave a good interview. I am glad it went well.It didn't look too good before noon yesterday. Evidently all the traffic came in after lunch.

We have a guest minister this evangelist from Pittsburg, Kansas. After church we will have that cookout.

My next week looks fairly tame. I will have to take cakes to Independence on Tuesday but I have a hair appointment then anyhow. That shouldn't be a problem. Friday is the CRMC (hospital) ice cream social. It is being held at Walter Johnson Park this year....why, I don't know. It's a ways out there. Maybe for the shade. Then on Saturday we have the church reunion staff meeting over at the campgrounds at 3:00. Leslie and I will go over together. Next Sunday evening, on the 23rd, Keith and Joyce have the Living the Questions group. I speak at church that Sunday too. I will need to polish up my sermon this week.

More later....

We had a very nice dinner at noon. I had thought that some people might want coffee cake with their coffee after dinner but when I set it down in the kitchen before church school class, people began to cut it to use during the class for their coffee. That was fine. We had plenty of food. I had almost none of it left to have to eat up. The services were good too and we had a nice sized congregation.

Tonight since Gretchen is in town, we will go over to Karan and Bobby's house to visit with her.We will have snacks. I will take some nuts. Gretchen is leaving for her home in Alabama tomorrow. I am happy to get to see her again before she leaves.

There is another change in the church camp teaching staff. The woman who was to teach the nursery class (babies up to and including 2 year olds) wants to teach only the 2 and 3 year olds. I'm not sure we have a classroom free to do that. I am checking with Jody, last year's director. That will take the 3 year olds away from Jody's class and the 2 year olds away from the nursery class to have a separate class for them.

First I lost the Junior teachers due to a change of jobs of one of them. They were a couple. Then I lost the teacher for the primaries for the same reason. I found a new teacher for the primaries but then lost her because she got accepted into the college she wanted and needs to work and save money and cannot take a week off. Jody took the 3,4, and 5 year olds. I finally got a couple to take the Juniors and now I am still needing a teacher for the primaries.

Terry thinks she has a lead on that but she's at Junior Camp this week so I won't know until Saturday. I still need to know if there is a classroom available for another class. I have two women for the nursery class so that should be sufficient.

Camp starts July 6th.

Changes, changes changes....

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