Monday, August 12, 2013

Another Rainy Monday

It's another rainy Monday but we didn't let that keep us from the exercise class. After that we went to Utopia for coffee and a blueberry scone. Then I came home and fixed lunch. We had hamburger pie and green beans and coleslaw and everything was very good.

This afternoon I am making my two cakes for tomorrow at Independence. I am also making some cupcakes for us. I tried to take a nap but didn't really want to do that until my cakes were done and cooling. After they are cooled I will ice them and get them covered. I haven't seen any more flies in the house but I sure don't want to leave them uncovered.

This evening I have library board meeting. I dread that. Everyone speaks in very soft voices and I cannot understand what they are saying.

Karan called awhile ago and she has her cake done. She will bring it over in awhile. The rain has momentarily stopped.

More later...

Bobby brought Karan's cake over later. I stayed up to watch the show on reptiles. It was interesting. I got too tired too early to watch the second one though. My arm was hurting so I took an Aleve and went to bed right after 9:00.


marlu said...

I am having trouble hearing soft voices too. When folks speak in a normal tone, I can hear just fine but so many do not!

Maybe I should get my hearing checked. I keep getting these offers in the mail for free tests.

Margie's Musings said...

If you are tested and have the least bit of loss they will probably tell you you need a hearing aid. My husband used to work for Belltone.

He always said if you could get by without a hearing aid, that was best because they don't replace your lost hearing, they only amplify what you have left.