Monday, October 7, 2013

Eye Appointments

Bob and I both have eye appointments this morning over at Caney at 10:00 so we will not be attending the exercise class today. I will have my right eye examined carefully to see if there is any damage from the Clear Care incident. He thinks he needs new lenses and perhaps some prescription sunglasses.

I will try to get our dinner/lunch done before we leave at 9:30. We are having goulash. I already have the meat thawed. We will have some veggies and a salad with it. And I have some vanilla pudding for dessert.

I am baking some biscuits right now for my breakfast. I will eat one this morning and bag the others and refrigerate them for future days.

Christina, my oldest granddaughter, texted me yesterday for several hours and sent me photos of their new baby, Kylie. She also sent me one of their daughter, Mia, holding the baby. I am so happy for Christina and Kyle. She is 34 and will probably not have any more children.

Bob dropped by last evening and we watched the remaining quarter of a football game before watching 60 Minutes. After 60 minutes, he left. I took my bath then and watched some Big Bang Theory until 9:00 when I went to bed. I slept well again last night. My arms don't hurt enough to keep me awake at this point.

Tomorrow is my hair appointment. I will get the color and cut and Bob will go along for a haircut. We will probably eat at Big Cheese.

More later....

Bob's medical appointment turned out to take longer then he thought. He missed his appointment with Dr. Burch and I got him another. We had lunch at noon and he went home to nap. I lay down in the recliner here to try to nap but couldn't so I decided to work on my blog. I need to bake my cakes for tomorrow now.

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