Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday Exercise Day

Today we will go to exercise class. We missed Monday because I had the appointment for my eye check up and Bob had tests for his new doctor. He will get his eyes examined tomorrow while I am in Bartlesville meeting Myra for lunch.

That's about all that's planned for today. We will have our warmed up goulash and Texas toast with salad for lunch.

I heard from both my boys yesterday by e-mail. They are both so attentive. They stay in touch.

I watched Frontline on PBS last evening. It was about the NFL and their attempt to cover up the proof of damage done to the brains of football players who get head injuries. It was disgusting and when they had to testify before congress about what they knew about it, they reminded me very much of the tobacco executives and their lies about the dangers of cigarette smoking.

Big business will do everything they can to save their business even at the expense of human life. After the legislation against the tobacco companies, they shifted their marketing to Asia. The NFL continues, even after 20 years of scientific research and proof, to deny knowing "for sure" if those head injuries really cause permanent damage....even after nearly 50 athletes' brains have been examined and 49 of them found to have the extensive damage that causes dementia. Horrific! And yet the American public continues to worship at the throne of violence.

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