Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Elections at Church

Today we will have our elections at church just before the 11:00 service. One of our seventy will conduct them. Why..I don't know. We have always managed that ourselves. I doubt that I will be nominated for pastor but I would not accept a nomination anyhow. It is time for the younger generation to take over and the three of them seem to be doing just fine. We elect our pastors from the ministry of our church and they are self sustaining.

Yesterday before noon I had diarrhea. I spent most of the morning in the bathroom but went ahead and fixed lunch. I warned Bob but he felt it was just something I had developed and came on to lunch. I had a nap in the afternoon and a little more trouble with it but it cleared up before evening and I slept well....better then usual.

I e-mailed my daughter, Leslie, to tell her that I would not be coming to the wiener roast last night and the reason why and she called to check on me.

I felt well enough by early evening to vacuum my apartment and dust. I even washed the floors in the bathroom and kitchen. I had been putting off my cleaning for several days.

I had a text on my cell phone this morning that my granddaughter, Christina, is in labor. In fact, she may have had the baby by now. I haven't heard. It was due the 30th of September so she is a little late. This is October 6th. It is another girl and they planned to name her Kylie after Christina's husband Kyle.


ChuckFu said...

Christina and Kyle had the baby, her name is Kylie

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, I know Keith. She texted me all about it. Congratulations grandpa!

That makes you four!