Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday and the End of Daylight Savings Time

I awoke at what I thought was my regular time this morning just to find I had forgotten to turn the clocks back when I went to bed. So what I thought was 4:30 turned out to be 3:30. My body said it was time to get up though so I spent the next few minutes turning all the clocks back.

We met Keith yesterday at Eggberts and had a good breakfast before the sale. Bob had sold nearly everything out by noon so we closed up and came home and put the few things remaining in his storage unit. Then we went to Arby's and had a sandwich and curly fries. We both went home after that and took a nap. I stayed up until 8:30 last night and finally just went to bed. I hadn't done much but was really tired.

Today I preside at church. It's communion Sunday at our church (the first Sunday of each month) and I have that all ready to go too. I don't know where we will eat lunch after church.

Tomorrow the woman who is to clean Bob's new apartment is to come and it will be interesting to see if she really does clean it. The bathroom really needs a good cleaning. The landlord and his son did some cleaning day before yesterday but they didn't clean the bathroom and the shower doors really need some help. The tub has mildew in it too. If scrubbing it doesn't help, we will try some bleach. I also bought some foam Barkeepers Friend online and it seems to do a good job too. I can't imagine the previous occupant leaving it that way.

I took stew over to Marilyn's house yesterday. She called last night to say she had eaten some of it and thanked me for it.

More later...

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