Monday, December 30, 2013

Even Colder Monday

It's even colder this morning. It's 12 degrees according to the weather on this computer and it will warm up to 40 later in the day.  Brrr..

I probably won't venture out this morning. It's way too cold to be out there. I am hoping Lieberts will have my vacuum sweeper repaired today. I need to run the sweeper. It's been over a week since the apartment has been cleaned.  I also want to change my bed but am waiting for my topper to come first.  I want to see if the mattress pad I have will fit over it. If not, I will have to buy a new one. It's supposed to be here Friday...perhaps before that.

We will eat the rest of our scalloped potato and ham casserole today. I will fix some pudding for dessert. The pie is all gone.

I slept really well last night. Staying up til 10:00 may have contributed to that.


marlu said...

Margie, I enjoy your blog too. It
is the first one I go to in the
morning! We aren't getting out
much in this cold weather and I don't blame you for staying inside
a little more. I do love hearing
about your comings and goings!

Margie's Musings said...

Thank you, Marlu. I really appreciate your visits and comments.