Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Warmer Saturday

It was 34 degrees when I checked this morning. It's 38 now. Talk about temperature fluctuations! It's supposed to get up to 55 today and 60 tomorrow before it drops back into the 20's on Monday.  It's a wonder we're not all sick. What must our bodies think. How can they prepare us for health?  Oh well, the weather is one thing we can't change. We just have to live with it.

I do wonder what the weather will be like for my trip to Independence, Missouri on Friday.   Bob will feed and water Missy while I'm gone. (And clean out her litter each day) She is lying here in the wicker chair this morning watching me type.

I slept from 9:00 PM until 2:00 AM this morning and then finally got up about  3:30 AM and drank a glass of milk. Milk has a natural chemical in it that helps you sleep. I warmed mine a bit. Within ten minutes I was back to sleep until 5:30.  It works for me every time.

I stripped my bed this morning. I have been putting that off for a week.  It is all in the dryer now. When I get back from breakfast it will all be dry and I will make my bed again.

I will do some cleaning today. I need to give the kitchen and bathroom a good cleaning.  I willl wash the floors in both rooms and run the vacuum cleaner on all the carpet. I always feel better when the house is clean.

We will have leftover chicken tetrazzini for lunch and some veggies and salad.  We will finish off the cupcakes for dessert.  I need to go to the market today and get some stuff for a relish tray for the Living the Questions group at Marilyn's tomorrow night. She is serving Italian and we are to bring "anything".

More later......

It warmed up into the 50's this afternoon and I let Missy out while I was sweeping the patio off. She loved that! She jumped into the leaves and was really enjoying the sunshine.

Here she is:

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