Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday And No Exercises Again

As you know, if you follow my blog, I never did find the time to blog yesterday (Sunday).  Saturday was very busy but yesterday was just as busy.  We had church, of course, but before the 11:00 worship service we had a congregational budget business meeting. And once again, I am secretary.  So besides doing my weekly congregational newsletter, I also had the minutes to do and get approved by Leslie.  I finished around 4:00 and began to watch the news after that.

Following church, eight of us went to Cherryvale to eat at Just Us.  The other four went to Hong Kong for Chinese.  The eight of us do not go to Hong Kong anymore. If you have more then six in your party, they charge 18% extra on each ticket. There were 10 of us that went the last time we went and they made an extra $18.00 off our party. That stopped us from going. If we want Chinese, we go to Independence to Great China. It's much better Chinese food anyhow.

About 5:00 or so, Bob came over and stayed until 9:00.  We watched the news and several episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Then we both got very tired and he went home. I stayed up until 10:00. I sleep better if I can make it until 10:00.  As it was I awoke at 3:30 with my arms hurting so I got up and took a couple of Aleve with milk. Then I got back to sleep.

Today we will not go to exercise class because of Martin Luther King Day. The senior center is closed too. At 11:30, Bob has an appointment with  his doctor.  Instead of cooking, since we have no idea how long that appointment will take, we will eat a chicken fried steak at Eggberts.  He has been keeping track of his blood pressure and pulse rate since he got out of the hospital last Tuesday. If his medicine doesn't regulate his heart rate, he will have to have a pacemaker.  His doctor says that is a last resort.

This afternoon, I have to bake two cakes for the First Christian Church in Independence. I will take the six we bake here in Coffeyville up when I go up in the morning for my hair appointment. 

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