Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday Exercise Again

I just called Bob. He slept just fine and, in fact, is going to bring his coffee and come over for awhile. It's 6:30 now. At 9:00, we will go to exercise class. I am supposed to meet Gay at 11:30 for her classmate lunch at Sirloin Stockade. I forgot about it in all the excitement. I noticed it on the calendar just now. I will have to tell Bob he is on his own for lunch today.

More later...

O.k. Bob just left and I'll finish this blog.

After exercises, I will meet Gay at 11:30.  Bob will have some soup he has on hand. When I get back this afternoon,  I will just rest. Tomorrow I will clean house and scrub my kitchen and bathroom floors. I like to do that when I don't have exercise class. We may go to Utopia after the exercises this morning and have their gourmet coffee and perhaps a scone.  Then I will meet Gay.

Tony, Gay's husband,  has had a bad month. He and his son cut wood in that cold weather we had a while back and Tony has COPD.  He was in the hospital for awhile and when he got out he had to go back on his oxygen all the time. I hope he can recover again. He ought to have known better. With COPD you do not get out and work in cold air and do manual labor either in cold weather. Men!

I have three friends who want to have lunch with me. I was not able to meet Leslie yesterday. She was much too busy. But I'm supposed to meet Gay today, and Nancy wants to have lunch and also Myra.  I should set aside a day to have lunch out with one of them.  I haven't seen Juanita for some time. The same for Myra. She went to Wyoming for the holiday. Nancy went to the east coast to North Carolina where her son, David, lives. And, of course, over Thanksgiving, I was in Hawaii with Scott.  We have all been busy.

By the way, watch this video. It will wake you up.


ChuckFu said...

Wow, it must really be a Bummer to have so many friends that want to eat lunch with you. LOL love you mom your a magnet for good people

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Keith. I am just lucky to have so many friends! I love you too!

Balisha said...

So glad that Bob is back home. Hopefully nothing else will have to be done.
You have so many friends. I love to go to lunch with a woman friend. Good friends are treasures to be held on to.

Margie's Musings said...

You are so right, Balisha. Friends are very important.