Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Hair Day

Today I go to Independence to get my hair done. It really needs it. I just couldn't hassle it this week.

I slept pretty well until around 3:30 and I could never get back to sleep and finally about 4:00, I just got up. This will be a long day. I will see if Leslie can have lunch. If she can, Bob will be on his own for lunch. Otherwise, I will come home and cook lunch. I put some chicken down in the frig. l can thaw it in the microwave if she can't make lunch.

It's 51 degrees this morning at 5:20.  There is supposed to be abundant sunshine.

I let Missy out awhile ago. She wanted to eat some grass. Then she wandered off over across the way to Marilyn's carport. Finally I went to get her and picked her up to carry her back. She hates that. She does not like to be picked up! She growled at me all the way back.  But she's safely back in the house now.  There are foxes out there in the early morning. Bob sees them from time to time. My carport with the two cars in it keep me from seeing them so far.

These are some of the photos from the Easter Sunday egg hunt:

Here is the actual Easter egg hunt.

Lining them up for this photo afterwards.

 Still looking for more eggs:

My son-in-law after hiding the eggs.

This is Bob, Sue and John talking to Leeann after the hunt. There are a lot more but you get the idea. The kids had a great time. About 14 of them attended.


Sue said...

I loved your egg hunt pictures. Like you, we are having a fine day in Northern Illinois.

Margie's Musings said...

Great, Sue. Today was a lovely day here too.