Monday, July 21, 2014

A Busy Monday

This will be a busy day. In about 45 minutes we will leave for exercises. Bob comes by to pick me up.  I took Missy out on the carport this morning and he saw me out there and came over and sat with me awhile.  Finally he went home to shave and I came in and took Missy's litter box out and dumped the litter, washed the box and put fresh litter in it. Then I watered all my flowers. It's supposed to be up in the 90s today and we are on a heat alert here..

Then I went out on the patio and swept the grass off, uncovered my lawn chairs and washed the arms off. I had kept the chairs covered since fall since I usually sit out on the carport. I am going to give my metal birdbath another coat of paint soon. But I can't do it today. I have that doctor's appointment at 11:15. My ankles are still swelling in the afternoon and evening but seem to be fine in the mornings.  He won't be able to tell me anything from my blood work. As is obvious, I don't have a lot of confidence in doctors any more. I had Dr. Smithson for 48 years and I haven't had much confidence in a doctor since.


I had both my bunions done by a specialist and one of them failed so it looks terrible and still hurts from time to time. Bob wasn't diagnosed with cancer until one week before he died. My erysipelis a year ago last February was misdiagnosed in the emergency room and it took me two months and three different antibiotics and a trip to the dermatologist in Bartlesville to get it cured. The antibiotic my doctor prescribed for that caused the aching in my arms that I suffered from for months. The specialist that did Leslie's back surgery was just sure it was osteoporosis even though I told him I had had a bone scan and had learned I had not even a sign of it. ( I had worked seven years in a dental office and taken hundreds of x-rays without proper protection and did not want any more x-rays or bone scans). That Dr was just sure I didn't know what I was talking about and ordered a bone scan, a bone density scan and a CT scan. As I had said, I did not have a sign of it. He was baffled. It was months before I saw a program on TV that put me on the track.  I checked with the pharmacy about the three antibiotics I had taken and sure enough, the second one had muscle and tendon aches as a side effect. Exercise was the only treatment for it so even though it hurt, I went to the exercise classes for months before the arm pain finally cleared up.

Now my ankles are swelling and at camp they were terrible. Melissa said I was not drinking enough water so I increased my water intake. That may have helped some but they still swell every afternoon and evening...especially the left one. The NP I saw last week had me get my blood work done and get an appointment with my doctor but I seriously doubt he can tell me anything.  I, gripe, gripe.

Well, we had our exercise class. Now I have about an hour before I go to the doctor.

More later....

The doctor said it was just a combination of the heat, the being on my feet so much and my blood pressure pill. He suggested I continue to elevate my feet at night.

After lunch I went to the Dalton Defenders Museum for a job interview. They want me to work there but I want to see if the college will also call me. They have a receptionist job open. Aime has not been able to get the HR person to get back with her.

By the way, my son told me to reboot this computer and then try again to download the picture. So I tried that and what do you worked.

This is a recent photo of Missy in her favorite chair..


marlu said...

"If all else fails, reboot."
Advice from our computer whiz son. :)

Margie's Musings said...

That's what mine said too, Mary Lou. I should have known better. And mine is an IT.