Monday, October 6, 2014

Exercise Monday

It's Monday again and I will be going to exercise class. I missed Friday because of that interview that didn't happen. It will be interesting to see if they reschedule it.  If they don't, Bob and I will go to Branson on Thursday and Friday.

I am washing my bedding and other laundry this morning. I have it in the dryer now.

Yesterday evening I worked on my classmate list. I heard from another classmate and am now up to 33 classmates.....51 counting their spouses and guests.  When I get to 60 (if I get to 60), I will call for a classmate meeting of the five of us who actually work on the reunion (Larry, John, Phyllis, Dean and myself) to rough out the plans.

More later....

I raked leaves again this afternoon. I am trying to keep the yard cleaned up.

Later, after 4:00, my dear friend, Gay, came by and stayed an hour and a half. She had taken her sister, Adele, to the airport to catch a plane to Houston.  I enjoyed getting to see Gay again. She is caregiver for her mother. Their mother is 96 and will be 97 in January. She is going to come more often now.   She appears to be failing.

Bob will come over later this evening for wine and cookies and we will watch "Big Bang Theory".

Well, he came  over and we watched the" Big Bang Theory" but neither of us thinks it's as good as it used to be. Maybe they have changed writers.  I'll be interested in learning if anyone else noticed it.

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