Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday and a Hair Appointment

I don't know whether I will go to exercise class or not this morning. I have that hair appointment at 10:00 and I would have to leave early to get there on time. I want to pick up a pizza at Big Cheese for our lunch today. Tomorrow we will have chili.  I have a doctor's appointment in Bartlesville in the morning at 8:40 with Dr. Eslicker.  So I will make that chili earlier in the morning.

I just took my trash over to the container and it's drizzling out there. It's supposed to rain today.

We are having that Christmas party at work today. I will take some of the peanut clusters. Probably no one else will have homemade peanut clusters.

I slept very well again last night. I have not had any sore right leg for about a week. Maybe I finally have conquered it.

More later....

It was a huge day. I went in early and stayed an hour later to make up some of the time I missed in this pay period.

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