Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday and A Hair Appointment

This morning will be busy too. My hair appointment in Independence is at 9:00. I will take the cakes by the church before the appointment so I will need to leave here at 8:15.  Bobby brought Karan's by last evening.

I slept really well last night. I went to bed at 8:00 just exhausted. My right leg cramped all afternoon and I limped around the library.  I think it's all right today.  If it isn't, I will take an Aleve. Katie will be back today so I will probably go back to scanning book's bar codes.

I have to go to the market this morning when I get back from Independence. I need onions and a few other things. I  also need some AA batteries.  I received my sweater defuzzer in the mail yesterday.  It takes two AA batteries.  I want to defuzz my sweaters.  Many of them have pilled with age.

Tomorrow is the day my social security comes in and I am so glad. I need to pay my car insurance before the 17th.  My next paycheck from SER will go for an extra car payment.

More later.....

We had our lunch of swiss steak, mashed potatoes,  green beans, and salad. It was good. Bob had come over and done some laundry and came back for lunch and to fold his clothes.

I went on to work after he left. Sure enough,  I spent a half hour putting away DVDs and then repaired and cleaned some DVDs for a talking book. Then Katie came in and set me up scanning bar codes again. It went faster this time and about 4:00 I finished one side of an entire aisle.  Then I went back to putting away DVDs. I was still exhausted when I got home. I had a couple of cups of Chi Latte before eating anything for supper.

I will watch TV this evening if I can find anything on TV to watch.

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