Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Busy Tuesday

This will be a busy Tuesday. First I will take the cakes to the First Christian Church then on to the beauty shop to get may hair washed.  After that, I will go over to Juanita's to work on balancing her checkbook.  After that, I will go to Big Cheese and order a small pizza for our lunch. Then after lunch, I will go on to work.

Missy went outside this morning. It is very mild out. She went out and lay in the grass...such as it is. She has really wanted to go outside for some time. She must be very tired of being an "inside" cat.  Over on Catalina two years ago, she got to go outside a lot. She was really "queen" of the block. She could whip any cat that invaded her territory. Those days are long gone ever since two years ago after we moved here, she was very badly hurt by a stray that  gave her a terrible beating. She was in the hospital a week and developed a cyst on her back that had to be lanced twice. Then for two weeks, I had to give her shots of antibiotics twice a day. It was a long slow recovery and she has been fearful of "outside" ever since. She always wants to go outside each morning but she wants me out there too.
Lately, I have just stood in the doorway and watched her. The past couple of days, after I make sure there are no other cats out there, I have come back in to drink my coffee and just wait for her to jump up on the screen when she wants back in the house.

I got my cake baked last night and after Bob left at 7:00 I iced it. It's now in the trunk with the other three cakes.

I'm finally completely over my cold...thank goodness! It lasted five days so I was lucky it didn't hang on longer, I credit the Cold Ease for it's short duration.

More later....

I spent much of the afternoon repairing and cleaning DVDs. I also put away several dozens of DVDs and filed the ones Paula didn't get to. 

When I got home, Bob came over for wine and to watch "Reagan" on PBS.  I was not a fan of Reagan.  He made his own rules for Iran/Contra. He cut taxes for the rich and his "trickle down" economics never reached the middle class of the poor. They have suffered more ever since.

I also watched Frontline. I went to bed at 10:00.

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