Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday and Back to Work Again

I didn't sleep all that well last night.  I must have been to tired. It had been a big day. The retreat was a real treat. It was exceptional. The food was good (although I was careful not to overeat.) The fellowship was really exceptional though. The program was presented by the church's peace minister. She did a fine job.

We went to Joplin after the retreat was over and ate lunch at Olive Garden. We had their soup and salad with bread sticks. Afterward we went to Christopher and Banks and I bought some grey slack and a grey T. Karan bought two Ts, some slacks and a jacket. Both of us got their 40% off discount.

We got home about 6:00 and Bob came right over and we watched the basketball playoffs on TV and drank a cherry limeade slush from Sonic. I started a load of the dirty jeans and my underwear and the towels I took to the retreat. About the time 60 Minutes was going to come on, the cable TV lost their signal. I turned it off then, Bob went home, and I took my bath and watched a channel I was able to receive until 9:00... when I went to bed.

I did a load of wash this morning and it's in the dryer now.  It's bathmats and towels so will take a while to dry.

I will start lunch in about thirty minutes. We are having chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and gravy, veggies and a salad Bob is bringing.

After that, I will go to work.  I feel pretty good right now. I don't know how I'll feel when I get off work. Time will tell. Getting down on the floor to scan the bar codes on those paperback books is really hard on my knees.  I don't think Katie realizes how hard that is on someone nearly 80 years old.  And I don't think she cares.  I can't work as long when I have to do so much on the floor.

While I was at exercise class Scott, my younger son, called. It was good to hear from him. He was interested in hearing what I thought of Ted Cruz, who is running for president on the Republican ticket.  I visited with him for ten minutes or so.

More later....

I was busy at work all day.  I did not have to scan bar codes today. Katie wasn't there. I put away all the DVDs and cleaned twelve of them.  I also put away the papers and scanned a few DVDs that came in as check ins. Finally, because I came in at 12:45, I left at 4:50.  I was very tired and still had to bake my cake for tomorrow's trip to Independence.  I will also get my hair done while up there. Then I will go over to Juanita's house and balance her checkbook. After that, I will drop by Big Cheese and pick up a pizza for lunch.

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