Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday and Breakfast at Eggberts

This has become a tradition. Bob and I go to Eggberts each Saturday morning for breakfast.  Afterward, he would like to go to Owasso for an Olive Garden lunch. It rained last night and may still be raining a bit so I don't know if we will still go to Owasso.  I let Missy out a little bit ago and she ate some grass. She must need that grass for her system.

I had mentioned  I would post some photos of my great grandchild's birthday party earlier this month The one looking through the gifts on her knees is Maia. Her three year old sister is Cheyenne. Cheyenne is looking over Maia's latest gift in this photo.

This is Cheyenne lying on Maia's bean bag chair. Maia was not all that happy about that.  Maia appears to be trying to shove the bean bag chair over....Cheyenne and all. Dad is standing there to referee that action.

Anyhow...these are just two of those birthday photos. Here is the birthday cake.

That's mom holding the cake while Maia blows out the candles.

More later.....

We did go to Owasso for lunch but first I had a call from Wayne, our former landlord, and he offered me some real good dirt for my flower bed. I called Bob and he came over and borrowed Wayne's wheelbarrow and shovel and brought a couple of loads of great dirt from Wayne's ranch for my flowerbed. As soon as I'm sure the opportunity for frost is over, I will blow my budget and buy flowers for my flowerbed and also my flower boxes. I spent over $100 last year fixing them to beautify the front of my apartment.

Anyhow, we did go to Owasso and had a great lunch. Then we shopped the sales at Kohl's.  Bob bought a long sleeved shirt and I bought a pair of brown slacks for church.  Now I have black, navy, grey, tan and now brown. I have plenty of tops but did not want to wear the jeans I work in to church.  Most of my old pants are at least two sizes too large.

When we got home, I went to Wal Mart and bought groceries.  I couldn't find the correct size for my furnace filter so I will have to get it at a hardware store. Otherwise, I'm fixed for awhile. I even stopped at Gillham's and bought some Roscotto wine. Tonight  I will have a glass before bed.

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