Monday, March 9, 2015

Another Monday

I slept very well last night. I got up about 5:00 as usual, fed Missy her treats and gave her some more of her Iams Senior food. She's not too sure about the Iams.  She had gotten used to the Science Diet. But she's also become fat on it so maybe the Iams will be best.

I set the table for lunch. We will have meatloaf and fried potatoes with a veggie and salad. I'm not sure about dessert....maybe fruit. I need to make cookies but I don't know when. Tomorrow I get my hair done in Independence after I take the cakes up. Then at 1:00 I go to the library to work. Maybe I will bring home a small pizza for lunch tomorrow. Then Wednesday we will have the meatloaf again.

We will go to exercise class this morning.  Howard and Judy leave around eight this morning to go to Kansas City to see their son. Patrick. They have been with Marilyn since Wednesday. They are virtually homeless now. The landlady of their daughter in California made them move out of the apartment. They had intended to be with her just a short time but could not find any affordable housing or land to buy in California yet so they had been with her and Scott, her partner, since they sold their home here and went there to be near their only grandchild and to take care of her while the parents worked.  They're in their 70's so that's a problem.

More later....

Katie, the library director is still on vacation so still not more scanning.   I spent the afternoon putting away DVDs and repairing and cleaning DVDs that have been damaged. I also put the new books on the "new books" shelving. 

Bob came over for wine but didn't stay because there is not any good programming on Monday evening. I read until bedtime at 8:30.

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