Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday and Cleaning

This is the day I have set aside to clean. I hope I have the energy. I woke up at 3:30 this morning and really never did get back to sleep.

Bob came over last evening for wine. We were going to watch Nature on PBS but it was pretty boring so he went home. I took my bath and watched TV until 8:30.  Then I went to bed. I was very tired.

Yesterday at work was pretty slow. I kept looking for things to do. I did a lot of shelf reading and that is always very boring. Boring makes for a tired woman.

Today I will clean the bathroom and kitchen and if the energy holds up, I will vacuum and dust too.

We will have our leftover meatloaf today for lunch with boiled potatoes and tomatoes and  a veggie. I have one cupcake left. We may split that for dessert.  :)

I had word from Scott yesterday that he has bought the airline tickets for his son and daughter-in-law to come to the wedding in May. He and Ginger will be married over the Memorial Day holiday. I am doing the service and Leslie and I are having a small reception afterward.

The weekend prior to that is the 80th Birthday Bash for my high school class. May will be pretty busy since another woman and I will be leaving with Aime the day after Memorial Day and we will fly to Texas for a four day SER conference. SER is the senior program I use to work at the library.

More later....

I got the apartment cleaned.  I always feel good about getting that done.  I even got the vacuuming done after doing the kitchen and bathroom floors.

More even later...

It was another slow day at the library. I hunted things to do and finally ended up doing a lot of shelf reading. I had gone in ten minutes early so I left ten minutes early.  I even ended up doing their dishes just for something else to do.

Bob came over for wine and The Big Bang Theory. After that, he left and went home and I took my bath and surfed to look for some TV program. I ended up just going to bed at 9:00. TV is horrible anymore.

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