Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday and a Hairdo Day

And boy, do I need it! My hair has gotten oily from the wind.  My appointment is at 9:00 this morning.

I didn't have to scan bar codes yesterday. Katie was off again. She will be there today so I probably will be scanning again today. Yesterday I put away several hundred DVDs. It's so sad children are not reading anymore. They just check out DVDs and watch movies.

We will be closed for Good Friday so I will probably work a couple of hours on Saturday mornings the next two Saturday mornings to make up for lost hours.  I get paid this Thursday but I will be short four hours. I was off with that cold one Monday at the end of the last pay period.  I didn't have an opportunity to make up those hours. They have to be made up in the same pay period. 

We will have hamburgers and french fries for lunch. I have nothing but fruit for dessert. But fruit is good.

Missy wanted to go outside for awhile this morning so I turned on the light and let her out. She ate some grass again and then came back in the apartment.  I think she must need that grass to keep her system healthy.

I fell asleep in the recliner last night while trying to watch the PBS special on Cancer.  I saw a part of it but slept through most of it.

More later....

I put away dozens of DVDs at work. Then Katie came in  and wanted me to scan bar codes about 3:00. I did that until 4:40 and got two aisles finished.  Then I put away another couple of dozen DVDs and left before I got the boxes on the shelves.  

When I got home they were finished bagging up all those leaves. They got most of it done but not the east side where my air conditioner was located. I took photos of the mess they left because they had walked across the street and were visiting with neighbors there when I got home at 5:10. They had loaded up the mower on the trailer. I also had Jeannie come  over to see what they had left and talked to Bob about it on my cell phone. I made sure they saw all this activity. Finally (I imagine they thought I was talking to Betty about it) they walked down to the Dollar General store and bought some more black bags, dug into the bed of their pickup under all those filled black leaf bags, and found their trimmer.  Then the man trimmed while the boy bagged the leaves next to the air conditioner unit. Finally when they left, it looked presentable. 

Bob then came over and we had wine and a bowl of ice cream. He left about 7:50 and I took my bath and put my PJs on so Missy could sit in my lap. I went to bed about 9:00. I couldn't finish watching the program on cancer tonight either.  This photo shows how they were all loaded up and ready to leave and were visiting across the street. 

The above photo shows the untrimmed yard.
The above photo shows the pile of leaves they were leaving near my air conditioner unit. They had mowed all around it but done a messy job. They did not mow west of the flower bed you can barely see the end of on the right.

The  above photo shows the untrimmed grass they left around the poles. You can see they mowed/mulched the leaves they didn't bag.

I will post the improvement after the sun comes up.

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