Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday and House Cleaning Day

Today is the day I usually clean. I don't have exercises and I have all morning to get the laundry done and vacuum.

I awoke at midnight with terrible leg and foot cramps. I had to get up and walk to get rid of the pain. I don't drink much water and after looking up Web MD, I learned that was one reason for leg and foot cramps. So after that, I drank a glass of water ...much as I hate the taste of it. That seemed to fix it and I finally got back to sleep.

I did laundry first thing this morning. I need to get it in the dryer now.  

Missy wanted out first thing this morning so I let her out for awhile. She stayed close by so I came on back in the house to drink my coffee and eat my banana.

I texted my grandson an "Happy Birthday!" this morning. He is 36 today. That is two 36 year old grandchildren. Christina is 36 too and will be 37 in November. I have three more grandchildren but none that old. The rest are in their 20's.

I don't work tomorrow because of Good Friday. I will work two hours on Saturday to make up for that.  I will also work two hours the following Saturday.

Today for lunch we will have pork cutlets, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies and salad. I may have pudding for dessert.

More later....

I spent the morning cleaning up my patio. I got Bob's spin trimmer out and cleaned up around the patio. Then I cleaned the leaves out of my flowerbed. I have lavender planted there and hen and chicks. It looks much better. Then I organized my brooms and rakes. I hung them on nails  on the carport and got them off the floor.

I then went to work and had a very busy day there. Bob came over for wine and Big Bang Theory after I got home. Strangely, I felt pretty good and slept like a baby.  I went to bed shortly before 9:00. We were under storm warnings all evening. I went out and sat in a chair on the carport and watched the storm. All we got was a lot of rain.  I took Bob home and he kept his car under the carport next to Marilyn's. We were warned we might get hail and there is no protection for cars over at Sycamore Landing.


marlu said...

I just found out that being dehydrated can also make a person feel light headed! It messes with the body's chemistry.
So I am drinking more than I was before I "tipped over" onto the bed while lowering a venetian blind.

Margie's Musings said...

Wow! I hope you weren't hurt!

marlu said...

Luckily no injuries. I was glad the bed was there or it might have been different. I did strike my head (gently) on the top bunk but the oak was no match for it... not even a bump