Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Morning and Church

I didn't sleep too well last night. I did all right until 2:30 when I woke up and started being concerned about the leaves out on our lawn. Last evening after Bob left, I hooked up the blower and went out and tried to move those leaves out of our yard. It was impossible. For one thing, there are thousands of them...piled two feet high. After I cleared the south end of the middle yard, I noticed the grass had been smothered and will have to regenerate after the leaves are finally gone. Betty, our landlady, told me she had a man coming to mow next week and he would mulch those leaves. I told her they were way too deep to mow and mulch but I don't believe she has a clue just how deep they are. I woke up at 2:30 concerned about the shape the yard is in. The leaves are piled up around my air conditioner. It's a good thing I don't need it because it would burn it up if I turned it on.  Finally I went back to sleep though and slept until 6:10...late for me.

Then I got up, dressed, and made my coffee and also made a coffee cake for church.  Our people really like coffee cake as they are gathering.

Bob came in awhile ago to read my newspaper. We always take the paper to John, my son in law.  So Bob comes a little early to read it first.

More later...

Church was good. Melissa preached and Karan presided. Afterward we all went out to El Pueblito for lunch. I went back out there later in the afternoon  and bought a gift certificate for my grandson, Jeromy, for his birthday on Thursday. That will provide him with a few lunches. He works at the refinery and that is nearby.

Last evening we all went out to Richard and Mona's for dinner and the Living the Questions group.  We got home about 9:00 and I took my bath and went to bed. It had been a big day.

I mentioned earlier that I would post some photos from the women's retreat last weekend.  These are the craft project we all did in our free time. We made these hymnbook angels out of old hymn books.  I thought they were cute although they took a lot of time folding pages. 
This is my friend, Jody, and another participant, Ruth. Jody is the one on the left.  They are sitting in the dining hall after lunch. The tables have been cleared but they are catching up on their visiting.
This is my dear friend, Mary, with another participant. Mary is the one on the right.  I didn't know the other woman on the left and did not catch her name. I have problems remembering names anyhow.

This is Sandee, our guest minister. She is a peacemaking specialist for our world church. Our church is one of the peace churches.

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