Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Busy Sunday

I got up fairly early today and dressed for church before I got around to bake my coffeecake for church. I took Missy outside for a little while but it was chilly so she came back in. I watched the morning news and then turned on the music to listen to as I went over the service. I presided at church today and needed to review the bulletin.  I got my offering ready and printed off the scriptures I was going to use and a sign for the door out there. We will all be gone to Independence Missouri to a special worship service at our church's Temple there next Sunday and we are dismissing services locally.  I wanted to be sure to put that sign on the door.

One of our Independence. Kansas members that came Easter Sunday when his mother was in town came back this morning and brought two of his sons with him. We were so happy to see him again. His wife is a member of the Church of the Nazarene so she attends there with the other two boys.

Then I got the Sunday paper and read it. After awhile Bob came over to read the paper and we then went on out to church. I printed off the bulletins there and arranged the worship center. Then I cut the coffeecake and Bob made coffee for the Church School class. I hung the sign about next week's services on the door.

After the services seven of us went out to El Pueblito  for lunch. My daughter was on call and was called out just as she finished her lunch. So they left so John, her husband, could take their grandchildren home. They have them nearly every Sunday. They like to bring them to church with them. Their parents don't attend Sunday School or church.

Cheyenne, the three year old, likes to take up the offering with Bob Avery. We get a lot of change in the change jar she carries  that way. :)

When Bob brought me home, I sent out the congregational newsletter.  I send it to those with e-mail by e-mail and to those who do not, by snail mail. That way we keep in touch with the entire membership, whether they attend or not.

Tonight Bob will come over for wine and 60 Minutes.

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