Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday and Exercises Again

This morning I will pick Bob up for exercises. I have that tuna noodle casserole for our lunch. I will reheat it in the microwave.  He will bring a fresh coleslaw for our salad. I have cup cakes for our dessert.

I slept pretty well again last night but woke up aching all over.  But by the time I was dressed and had my makeup on, I was feeling better. I let Missy out for awhile this morning and had some trouble getting her back in. It rained last night and was still cool and dripping from the drain pipes.  I was going to have to pick her up to get her to come back in but that little cat that looks a lot like her came racing across the street and she saw him and when I opened the door, she raced right in.  I feel sorry for her. She is stuck in the house while I am gone. She loves the outdoors. When I lived over on Catalina she had the run of the neighborhood. She was much younger then and could hold her own with all the neighborhood cats.

I did some laundry last night and finished drying it this morning . This old dryer has an automatic setting that is supposed to dry until the load is dry but it seldom gets everything dry without setting it again for awhile.

I spent some time yesterday going through my thumb drives looking for photos from his deployment to Germany for Scott.  Then I e-mailed them to him.  He puts them on his Facebook page.

More later....

I spent most of the afternoon today scanning bar codes.  It was a huge day. Some of the books I had to lift to turn a page to find the bar code were tomes.  I finished  another aisle.

Bob and I will go over to Cherryvale tomorrow to have lunch at "Just Us" .  He went to Bartlesville today to get ground beef patties.  We have been out for a couple of weeks.

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