Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Again and Thank Goodness

I am so glad it's Friday again. Much happened last evening.  For one thing Elnora called from Tulsa. She had decided to come here Saturday afternoon and stay overnight with me and then ride up to the services in Independence, Missouri, on the van with the rest of us if there was room. I needed to talk to Leslie about that possibility and also with Billie Jo about whether she even intended to go. Billie Jo had the first option. I finally reached Billie Jo and she had decided not to go. She has to pick up a couple of her grandchildren and take them to work on Monday morning and her life is just too complicated to work that out. Then I called Elnora back and she was delighted to get to go with the rest of us.  She will come here Saturday afternoon around 3:00 in the afternoon and stay overnight with me.  We plan to leave the church at 6:00 so we will have to get up about 4:30 to get ready to leave to pick up Phyllis at 5:45 and get out to the church by 6:00 AM.  When we get back home Sunday evening, she will stay overnight again and leave for Denver Monday morning early. She lives in Denver but has been visiting her brother in Tulsa for awhile.

Today at work I will begin scanning again. This aisle should be quite a bit shorter to do. It usually just takes me two hours to do a full row.

This morning I will dust the apartment. That's the one thing I didn't get done yesterday when I cleaned the apartment.

I let Missy out for awhile this morning after I made my coffee. She ate some grass and enjoyed lying in the grass. Finally, I was ready to come in but she wasn't. When I called her she ignored me so I finally just went over and picked her up and brought her in. She was not a happy kitty. :) She has disappeared down the hall....probably pouting.

More later....

My daughter called me at work this afternoon.  They went to the Enterprise in Independence, Kansas to pick up the van for tomorrow and found they had a Tahoe instead and it doesn't hold eight people. It holds only seven. They couldn't find an eight passenger van. Too bad they waited until the last moment to inform the kids. Now Elnora will not be able to ride up with us.  I called Elnora to tell her she needed to go back to plan A and she said she would call me back last evening to tell me what she was going to do. She never called. So I don't know whether  to expect her this afternoon or not.

Later in the morning if she doesn't call, I will call her back.

I spent a  couple of hours this afternoon scanning an entire aisle. Then I learned that Paula hadn't come to work so I had my work to do and also hers.  Luckily, I had the DVDs organized my alphabet and also by type so it took me just a half hour to get them filed.  Then Katie came in and said she had found 15 books I had scanned yesterday that were not in the system and I needed to go pull them. I spent the next twenty minutes trying to find those books They filled two baskets. Then just as I was finished, she came back with five more. It took me a few minutes to find those five too. I had 15 minutes left to put away the last twenty DVDs and file the cases. I got out of there  at 5:00.  What a day!

Bob came over and had wine and we watched Brooks and Shields commentary on PBS and then he went home.

It appears they rented the apartment two doors over in the fourplex. A couple went in there with Martha and then they parked their car in the carport over there.

I took my bath and sat with Missy in the recliner until 9:00 and then went on to bed.

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