Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday and Back to Work

I will be back to work this afternoon but first there is exercise class and lunch. I am fixing tuna noodle casserole for today. It has peas in it so we will just have coleslaw salad with it and lemon pudding for dessert.

Missy went out for a short time this morning but since I didn't go out with her, she came back in in about ten minutes. I always make my two cups of coffee and take my meds after I come into the kitchen. I gave her her treats and filled her food bowl right after we came into the kitchen.  I turn on the TV for the weather and at 6:00 I watch six in the morning on the CBS station out of Tulsa.

At 8:30, I will pick up Bob for exercises. When I get home, I will mix up my cake for tomorrow. I will ice it after work this afternoon. Then I will fix lunch.

Today at work there will be dozens and dozens of DVDs returned. Every weekend folks come in and let their children check out five DVDs each. In my day, we checked out books. Things have certainly changed. Putting away those DVD returns will take some time. Paula, the teen that helps, will be back today, I imagine.  She was gone on Thursday but back on Friday.

More later....

Paula worked this afternoon but didn't get much done. She just dinged around and did one basket of DVDs. I did the other two after she was gone. I also put away the new titles and did some shelf reading.  I found several DVDs that were to have the green stickers removed because they are dated older then 7/14.  I removed those stickers and filed the DVD's with the older ones.  I also had newspapers to put away. I stayed busy.

I had bought The Imitation Game DVD at Wal Mart Sunday afternoon and when Bob came over at 6:00 we watched it. I know why it received so many Oscar nominations.  It was very good and the actor  who won best actor, was very good.

He left at shortly after 8:00 and I took my bath and watched TV with Missy on my lap. She loves that. I went to bed at 9:00.

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